TESLA Duel | Sparks of the Last Days of Grand Prix


It is clear that interest of TESLA achieved level of Zero. Older sisters came back – EDL and Euroq2l and nothing is more important than this. I diceded to cut our little-big Grand Prix for these last days till upcoming Sunday.

Dear Players. Any map is valid in this last week, and not same map has to be play in one single game. You can use it for testing new maps in next revolutionary EDL if you want.

After this Week Grand Prix will be over, and it will be suspended till next summer. However TESLA Duel will be still on air to allow You – Players to have a tournament game with some dose of adrenaline whenever You want. I gues, that TESLA will get into good symbiosis with EDL, will be warmup ground for testing new maps or to mastering old ones. No more GP points will be collected when GP will be over, only continous ranking changes to provide a little prestige and a glimpse of Dueling Euro Stage. A�No evaluations and no maps of the week as well. A�Free Pure Ranking Laddde.

See You next week at acclaiming the Master of 1st Grand Prix.

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