TESLA Duel | Sparks of 5th Week


Hi there! Brand new Week comes after great final of Euroq2l where 5 mapper took place. For more info go to q2scene.net link on right, coz we gonna focus on our TESLA bussiness. There was some little fight between shoowax and michaq for being Maps Provider of 6th week. The winner is michaq with 6 played games and we all are looking forward to see these 3 tasty dishes he will serve. I realized that devaluation of Ranking points is just bad. Lets keep ranking untouched to enable smooth and real ranking moovment. Instead devaluation will be done to GP Points wich should be quite evident, due to fact that the GP shows the Players input to this Ladder. New devaluation rules are based on activity of the Player in previous weeks. Still no devaluation when single game is played. Half of cuted Points are given to active Players like previously.

And remember: from this week ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. And GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces. Hf with this new rule, and encourage more Players to play TESLA (even just dm1 lovers;).

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 12
All Players 49 %
Active Players 11 22
Non Active Players 38 78

TOP 5′s

shoowax 105 michaq 6
michaq 94 shoowax 5
Gerdt 23 ArCzi 2
ArCzi 21 RED 2
Welkin 4 sofiene 2

5th WEEK of TESLA Duel will be unusual

Mind Bender

will shake you out of your head.

Map set for 6th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

q2duel1 (1) | match1 (2) | q2rdm1 (1)
Map Set provider: michaq

Guys you love the most are v3non and island55 – servers admins who take care of TESLA and fill severs with TESLA maps.Ai??Mind Bender (dmpak2_2) is on every digitalfrag and THRONE.pl servers. Thank You!

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