TESLA Duel | Late Sparks of 8th Week


With a slide of 4 days i’m posting Sparks of the Week of dm3. With same statistics as a week before, with new things around the scene (plq2 organizator reveals, manifest by Welkin, and quite awaited Hammer Time Tournament) and without any pressure on any Player we are moving in our own rythm to 8th Week of TESLA Duel. 8th, 9th and 10th Week remains to the Final Sunday and i’m pretty sure everything can happen around the Table.

Still: A�ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. However GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 5
All Players 49 %
Active Players 8 16
Non Active Players 41 84

TOP 4′s

shoowax 28 shoowax 2
newash 18 Ceba 2
IsBjorn 9
Welkin 8

8th WEEK of TESLA Duel will be for testing the EDL candidate

Bio Rust (koldduel1)

Are You so Rusted to not test it?

Map set for 8th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

( TBA )
Map Set provider: shoowax

Remember of our servers providers: v3non and island55 with THRONE.pl and digitalfrag servers where koldduel1 belongs by default.

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