wrz 19 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of the Last Days of Grand Prix


It is clear that interest of TESLA achieved level of Zero. Older sisters came back – EDL and Euroq2l and nothing is more important than this. I diceded to cut our little-big Grand Prix for these last days till upcoming Sunday.

Dear Players. Any map is valid in this last week, and not same map has to be play in one single game. You can use it for testing new maps in next revolutionary EDL if you want.

After this Week Grand Prix will be over, and it will be suspended till next summer. However TESLA Duel will be still on air to allow You – Players to have a tournament game with some dose of adrenaline whenever You want. I gues, that TESLA will get into good symbiosis with EDL, will be warmup ground for testing new maps or to mastering old ones. No more GP points will be collected when GP will be over, only continous ranking changes to provide a little prestige and a glimpse of Dueling Euro Stage. A�No evaluations and no maps of the week as well. A�Free Pure Ranking Laddde.

See You next week at acclaiming the Master of 1st Grand Prix.

wrz 9 2011

TESLA Duel | Late Sparks of 8th Week


With a slide of 4 days i’m posting Sparks of the Week of dm3. With same statistics as a week before, with new things around the scene (plq2 organizator reveals, manifest by Welkin, and quite awaited Hammer Time Tournament) and without any pressure on any Player we are moving in our own rythm to 8th Week of TESLA Duel. 8th, 9th and 10th Week remains to the Final Sunday and i’m pretty sure everything can happen around the Table.

Still: A�ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. However GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 5
All Players 49 %
Active Players 8 16
Non Active Players 41 84

TOP 4′s

shoowax 28 shoowax 2
newash 18 Ceba 2
IsBjorn 9
Welkin 8

8th WEEK of TESLA Duel will be for testing the EDL candidate

Bio Rust (koldduel1)

Are You so Rusted to not test it?

Map set for 8th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

( TBA )
Map Set provider: shoowax

Remember of our servers providers: v3non and island55 with THRONE.pl and digitalfrag servers where koldduel1 belongs by default.

sie 29 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 7th Week


One week of break made me fresh and eager to play, u2? Reckless was abandoned with couple of good games. Ok then, whats now? Now its time for the awaited by majority q2dm3 called Frag Pipe.

And remember: A�ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. And GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 5
All Players 49 %
Active Players 8 16
Non Active Players 41 84

TOP 4′s

IsBjorn 39 IsBjorn 2
nesquik 22 Welkin 2
Welkin 12
newash 12

7th WEEK of TESLA Duel will let You fry an enemy in the

Frag Pipe


Map set for 8th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

q2dm1 (0) | koldduel1 (2) | q2rdm10 (1)
Map Set provider: IsBjorn

Remember of our servers providers: v3non and island55 with THRONE.pl and digitalfrag servers where koldduel1 and q2rdm10 belongs by default.

sie 25 2011

What the TESLA is?


Done by: http://www.wordle.net

sie 15 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 6th Week


Time to abandon this cursed Mind Bender and time to abandon your reckless as well. 6th Week of TESLA Duel 1st GP is ahead. I have to suprise you but no news rules this time! Clear new week with match1 aboard so pickup Red Armor and rock some rocket show! We are on half way of Grand Prix. Click ‚more’ to check current standings of GP Points and to spot on front runners.

And remember: A�ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. And GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 4
All Players 49 %
Active Players 5 10
Non Active Players 44 90

TOP 5′s

shoowax 43 shoowax 2
RED 33 RED 2
Bezel 20 Bezel 2
Welkin 8 Welkin 1
brznbtni 1

6th WEEK of TESLA Duel will make your

Reckless Abandon

You’d better focus well.

Map set for 7th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

u2 (0) | q2dm3 (5) | q2dm7 (2)
Map Set provider: shoowax again

Remember of our servers providers: v3non and island55 with THRONE.pl and digitalfrag servers. Check also Map Base for match1 on other polish servers (top menu).

GP standings after 5th week:
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sie 8 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 5th Week


Hi there! Brand new Week comes after great final of Euroq2l where 5 mapper took place. For more info go to q2scene.net link on right, coz we gonna focus on our TESLA bussiness. There was some little fight between shoowax and michaq for being Maps Provider of 6th week. The winner is michaq with 6 played games and we all are looking forward to see these 3 tasty dishes he will serve. I realized that devaluation of Ranking points is just bad. Lets keep ranking untouched to enable smooth and real ranking moovment. Instead devaluation will be done to GP Points wich should be quite evident, due to fact that the GP shows the Players input to this Ladder. New devaluation rules are based on activity of the Player in previous weeks. Still no devaluation when single game is played. Half of cuted Points are given to active Players like previously.

And remember: from this week ANY MAP CAN BE PLAYED IN TESLA. And GP Points can be collected only by playing map chosen in Voting proces. Hf with this new rule, and encourage more Players to play TESLA (even just dm1 lovers;).

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 12
All Players 49 %
Active Players 11 22
Non Active Players 38 78

TOP 5′s

shoowax 105 michaq 6
michaq 94 shoowax 5
Gerdt 23 ArCzi 2
ArCzi 21 RED 2
Welkin 4 sofiene 2

5th WEEK of TESLA Duel will be unusual

Mind Bender

will shake you out of your head.

Map set for 6th WEEK
(with current number of votes)

q2duel1 (1) | match1 (2) | q2rdm1 (1)
Map Set provider: michaq

Guys you love the most are v3non and island55 – servers admins who take care of TESLA and fill severs with TESLA maps.A�Mind Bender (dmpak2_2) is on every digitalfrag and THRONE.pl servers. Thank You!

lip 18 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 2nd Week


With plenty, and i mean plenty of games on q2rdm2 I’m closing 1st historical Week of TESLA Duel.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 78
All Players 48 %
Active Players 32 67
Non Active Players 16 33

TOP 10′s

nesqu1k 354 nesqu1k 17
SHEFFIK 335 Bezel 16
maq 317 SHEFFIK 13
Bezel 172 Retired 11
t41 145 maq 8
Retired 132 Ceba 8
Welkin 124 diaa 7
IsBjorn 120 t41 6
diaa 117 shoowax 6
4Bidden 92 Welkin 5
IsBjorn 5
NumaveZi 5


norman 40 nesqu1k 60
Pro4life 17 SHEFFIK 44
Gerdt 8 Bezel 28
michaq 7 maq 25
Razor 7 Retired 15
svalbard 7 t41 9
4Bidden 6 diaa 8
Welkin 5 Welkin 6
maq 5 IsBjorn 6
IsBjorn 5 NumaveZi 4

This week will be hosted on
Tokay’s Towers – q2dm2.

I hope you get some tips how to play this map, to keep you on track.

Map set for 3rd Week

q2rdm7 | Tltf | ptrip

with current number of votes:
q2rdm7 (5) | Tltf (1) | ptrip (6)

Resp based maps. No mercy to lazy minds.

Admin may demand demos from every Player and every game. He will do this only after signs of unfair game.
Admin will try to put in score comment how many points (Ranking and GP) are collected by every game.

Thanks to all of You who are naming zip/rar demo with proper formula: winner_vs_loser.zip/rar. With addiction I’ll be greatefull more if you would add also map name. So proper format now is: winner_vs_loser_map.zip/rar

lip 12 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 1st Week


Players and I (sic!) spoted that all map voting comments, score comments, general msgs comments, and any other – its just to much to be in one place (below the table). Thats why I’m providing this weekly ‚Sparks’ to divide them and to regulate ladder layout.

Below this post I ask you to place comments with
1: map votes,
2: and casual conversation around the ladder.

Below the table there is a place for
1: score comments with DL links only (as it used to be).

In this weekly post we will look..

onA�past week – by figuring out some statistic resume and reflection,

on current week – wich map is on fire, and why,

on upcoming week – to spec voting proces among the players over the new map set.

So here e goes with some flash-back.
Ow, there was no previous week?
But we have nice signup phase with 44 players for now. GJ.

1st Week map set was:
q2rdm2, q2duel1 and rejected by majority the princess of Coolnet Deathmatch – u2. With some votes on duel1, the rdm2 was chosen and almost overplayed now (41 games played in 5 days). Stout pick it seems.

Map set for 2nd Week is as follows:

q2dm2 (BFG on) | q2dm7 | q2dm8 (BFG off)

with current number of votes:
q2dm2 (8) | q2dm7 (2) | q2dm8 (5)

Q2dm8 will be propably set without: BFG, MH, PS and RA if it will be chosen. But this is quite my gues and the topic is open.

That will be all for now officers. I’m awaiting your map votes!

lip 6 2011

TESLA on tour


Jeszcze dwa dni (dziA� i czwartek) pozostaA�y do zapisania siA� przed startem i do zgarniA�cia 500 punktA?w Grand Prix extra. Wszystkich wahajA�cych siA� zapewniam, A?e warto zapisaA� siA� teraz a wA�A�czyA� siA� do gry pA?A?niej. Tak wiA�c ostatni call dla wszystkich beztrosko redujA�cych na serwerach! Ofc moA?na zapiaA� siA� w kaA?dym momencie trwania laddera.

DziA�kuje przede wszystkim Graczom za zapisanie siA� a tym samym za poparcie idei i za zaufanie. TESLA wypaliA�a peA�nA� parA� i to bardzo cieszy. DziA�ki SEBbulowi za posty na q2scene.net i esreality.com, v3nonowi za serwer TESLA @ THRONE.pl, Welkin for his involving attitude, Raylis for Q2stat bot, michaq’owi za pierwsze zapisanie siA� i zatwierdzenie projektu, mojemu grafikowi za boskie logo i dance za ustawienie topicu na #plq2 ;)

Graczom przypominam o dwA?ch rzeczach:

..o moA?liwoA�ci gA�osowania na mapA� obowiA�zujA�cA� w pierwszym tygodniu (glosowaA� moA?na do czwartku wA�A�cznie).

..o kanale #TESLA.q2 na ircu, gdzie sA� wszystkie obowiA�zujA�ce infa, ktA?rych dostarcza wierny ^Triton^ i gdzie znaleA?A� moA?na odpowiedniego przeciwnika.

ZASADY! Zerknijcie w zasady ludzie!

NastA�piA�a zmiana w regulaminie. Pod wpA�ywem rozmA?w na ircu i komentarza Revo na q2scene usunA�A�em punkt mA?wiA�cy o serwerach polskich jako domyA�lnych.


1. NajwiA�cej punktA?w moA?na uzyskaA� wygrywajA�c mecz z Graczem, ktA?ry jest bardzo blisko Ciebie w Rankingu. Im bardziej gracz jest od Ciebie oddalony, tym mniej punktA?w jest za wygranie/przegranie.

2. Nikt nie jest przymuszany do niczego, z wyjA�tkiem nagrywania meczy i umieszczenia wyniku meczu w komentarzu na stronie TESLI (gracz wygrany).

3. JeA�li do wyniku doA�A�czysz linka z uploadem demek dostajesz 20% punktA?w GP wiA�cej z tego meczu.

4. Tl 10, bo3.

W takim razie do piA�tku! BA�dzie troche jazdy z poczA�tkowym procesem dodawania punktA?w, gdyA? wszyscy majA� tyle samo punktA?w i sA� na tym samym miejscu. Mam nadziejA�, A?e moje excelowskie formuA�y dadzA� radA�!

HF Players!

cze 22 2011

TESLA | otwarcie zapisA?w


TESLA: The Endless Supreme Ladder.

Oto turniej duelowy, ktA?ry ma byA� odpowiedziA� na wszystkie bolA�czki dzisiejszego Quake’a 2.

Po pierwsze komfort:

Zadnego umawiania siA� na mecze, A?adnego terminarza, A?adnych w/o, A?adnego uploadowania screenA?w, A?adnego dodawania demek. Czysta gra, czysta rywalizacja. Asrodowisko serwerowe jako podstawa. Do Laddera zapisaA� siA� moA?na w kaA?dym momencie jego trwania dostajA�c A�redniA� punktA?w rankingowych wszystkich graczy.

Po drugie powszechnoA�A�:

Ladder jest dla wszystkich graczy, od najlepszych do najgorszych. Zasady sformuA�owane sA� tak, aby najwiA�cej punktA?w uzyskiwaA� za wygranie meczu z graczem, ktA?ry jest najbliA?ej Ciebie w Ladderze. Turniej jest dla graczy Polskich i Europejskich. Dla bardzo aktywnych i maA�o aktywnych.

Po trzecie rA?A?norodny i userfriendly mappool:

Mappool wybierany przez samych graczy. Co tydzieA� inna mapa.

Po czwarte rozwA?j:

SpoA�rA?d map wybieranych do rozgrywek znajdA� siA� mapy zupeA�nie nowe, o ile zostanA� przez Was wybrane.

Jedynym obowiA�zkiem gracza biorA�cego udziaA� w Ladderze jest dodanie komentarza pod postem Laddera z wynikiem meczu (gracz wygrany). To wszystko! Zapisanie siA� do Ligi nie obliguje nikogo do rozegrania ani jednego meczu. Nie obliguje do niczego.

Ladder jest otwarty dla kaA?dego i kaA?dy znajdzie w nim swoje miejsce. Jest tak skonstruowany, aby zapewniA� Wam mecze z graczami o takim samym jak Wy poziomie. Nie ma tu miejsca na sytuacje, w ktA?rych trzeba rozegraA� mecze nierA?wne, o z gA?ry przesA�dzonym wyniku.

SA� dwa rodzaje punktA?w:

Rankingowe – ktA?re ustalajA� pozycjA� gracza w Ladderze. Przybywa ich przez wygrane mecze a ubywa przez przegrane. WyznaczajA� one miejsce kaA?dego gracza w Ladderze.

Grand Prix – to suma wyA�A�cznie dodatnich punktA?w rankingowych zdobytych w meczach. MoA?e ich tylko przybywaA�.

SA� wiA�c dwa rodzaje klasyfikacji. Na rzeA?bA� i na masA�, A?e tak powiem.

Zapisy pod tym postem lub pod gA�A?wnym postem turnieju TESLA, ktA?ry dostA�pny jest z gA?rnego menu strony.

Nie wiem, kiedy zaczynamy. Zapraszam do rozpropagowania TESLI na serwerach.