lip 18 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 2nd Week


With plenty, and i mean plenty of games on q2rdm2 I’m closing 1st historical Week of TESLA Duel.

Here, some bounch of statiscicts:

Games 78
All Players 48 %
Active Players 32 67
Non Active Players 16 33

TOP 10′s

nesqu1k 354 nesqu1k 17
SHEFFIK 335 Bezel 16
maq 317 SHEFFIK 13
Bezel 172 Retired 11
t41 145 maq 8
Retired 132 Ceba 8
Welkin 124 diaa 7
IsBjorn 120 t41 6
diaa 117 shoowax 6
4Bidden 92 Welkin 5
IsBjorn 5
NumaveZi 5


norman 40 nesqu1k 60
Pro4life 17 SHEFFIK 44
Gerdt 8 Bezel 28
michaq 7 maq 25
Razor 7 Retired 15
svalbard 7 t41 9
4Bidden 6 diaa 8
Welkin 5 Welkin 6
maq 5 IsBjorn 6
IsBjorn 5 NumaveZi 4

This week will be hosted on
Tokay’s Towers – q2dm2.

I hope you get some tips how to play this map, to keep you on track.

Map set for 3rd Week

q2rdm7 | Tltf | ptrip

with current number of votes:
q2rdm7 (5) | Tltf (1) | ptrip (6)

Resp based maps. No mercy to lazy minds.

Admin may demand demos from every Player and every game. He will do this only after signs of unfair game.
Admin will try to put in score comment how many points (Ranking and GP) are collected by every game.

Thanks to all of You who are naming zip/rar demo with proper formula: With addiction I’ll be greatefull more if you would add also map name. So proper format now is:

lip 12 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 1st Week


Players and I (sic!) spoted that all map voting comments, score comments, general msgs comments, and any other – its just to much to be in one place (below the table). Thats why I’m providing this weekly ‚Sparks’ to divide them and to regulate ladder layout.

Below this post I ask you to place comments with
1: map votes,
2: and casual conversation around the ladder.

Below the table there is a place for
1: score comments with DL links only (as it used to be).

In this weekly post we will look..

onA�past week – by figuring out some statistic resume and reflection,

on current week – wich map is on fire, and why,

on upcoming week – to spec voting proces among the players over the new map set.

So here e goes with some flash-back.
Ow, there was no previous week?
But we have nice signup phase with 44 players for now. GJ.

1st Week map set was:
q2rdm2, q2duel1 and rejected by majority the princess of Coolnet Deathmatch – u2. With some votes on duel1, the rdm2 was chosen and almost overplayed now (41 games played in 5 days). Stout pick it seems.

Map set for 2nd Week is as follows:

q2dm2 (BFG on) | q2dm7 | q2dm8 (BFG off)

with current number of votes:
q2dm2 (8) | q2dm7 (2) | q2dm8 (5)

Q2dm8 will be propably set without: BFG, MH, PS and RA if it will be chosen. But this is quite my gues and the topic is open.

That will be all for now officers. I’m awaiting your map votes!