lip 12 2011

TESLA Duel | Sparks of 1st Week


Players and I (sic!) spoted that all map voting comments, score comments, general msgs comments, and any other – its just to much to be in one place (below the table). Thats why I’m providing this weekly ‚Sparks’ to divide them and to regulate ladder layout.

Below this post I ask you to place comments with
1: map votes,
2: and casual conversation around the ladder.

Below the table there is a place for
1: score comments with DL links only (as it used to be).

In this weekly post we will look..

onA�past week – by figuring out some statistic resume and reflection,

on current week – wich map is on fire, and why,

on upcoming week – to spec voting proces among the players over the new map set.

So here e goes with some flash-back.
Ow, there was no previous week?
But we have nice signup phase with 44 players for now. GJ.

1st Week map set was:
q2rdm2, q2duel1 and rejected by majority the princess of Coolnet Deathmatch – u2. With some votes on duel1, the rdm2 was chosen and almost overplayed now (41 games played in 5 days). Stout pick it seems.

Map set for 2nd Week is as follows:

q2dm2 (BFG on) | q2dm7 | q2dm8 (BFG off)

with current number of votes:
q2dm2 (8) | q2dm7 (2) | q2dm8 (5)

Q2dm8 will be propably set without: BFG, MH, PS and RA if it will be chosen. But this is quite my gues and the topic is open.

That will be all for now officers. I’m awaiting your map votes!