A�smy konkurs mapperski na Quake2 Cafe


Dear fellow mappers,
We (clan Q2C) are attempting to organize a Quake 2 mapping contest for sometime in the next month or so…
The requirements are fairly open ended so we are hoping to get a variety of different mappers to produce some new and interesting work….

Although the contest is open to anyone who wants to enter it, we have decided on some general guidelines for the maps themselves..
we are looking for Quake 2 Deathmatch maps, designed for standard DM with NO grappling Hook…
you can use any textures,sounds, and themes that you want…
however, we are looking for original material so the map should be a NEWLY CREATED one, not
just an old one that you made 2 years ago and „spruced up” a bit…

If anyone is interested you can get more contest info and sign up at
you can find it here: http://leray.proboards.com/

We hope to hear from you!

Zapraszam wszystkich :)


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