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I got 2 very good news for you today which are mostly connected with the upcoming Quake 2 That Way 4on4 TDM Tournament. The first one is that the openTDM – digitalfrag.plA� #1 & #2 are back (Ip below)! Big thanks to island55 for putting them up just in time before the Q2 TW Tournament. This favor allow us to have fun in a really good conditions – I hope many people will beA� happy as I am.

DigitalFrag Servers thanks to island55 opentdm Poland #1
and opentdm Poland #2

Second thing is that TastyCast agreed to make this event even more spectacular! Thanks to Jehar and TC Crew we’ll be able to watch the games with a professional coverage. Most of you must be familiar with them so i don’t need to recommend it much more. They are just div 1 of Quake 2 live streaming. So in conclusion this pic describes the upcomming thing really well:

You just can’t miss it. See ya.

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