EAP | english version

This is the post in wich fights for the place in PLD-Team will be covered.
Access to this post is also available from top menu of the site.

Current representation of PLD-Team:

nope Cs3 goat ivers

maq David pepek irvin

How to play out challenge games:
1. First of all its necessary to register on scenaq2.pl.
2. In comment below this post chllenger point a player with whom he wants to make a fight.
3. To avoid spam and hilarious acts, admin confirms, if challenge is valid.
4. Challenged player responses in comment in 3 days.
5. Players set the date of game through any way of contact.
6. Challenger writes the date in comment.
7. After the game the winner writes a score in comment f.ex: 3:1 (no screens needed).
8. Only after a call from defeated player, the winner uploads demos.
9. Player who is called to fight can’t be call again if he has unplayed game.

Time for calling challenges:
Till the moment when the last game of quarter-final of EDL playoffs will appear on EDL site.

Time to play games:
A week since the response comment of challenged player.

Mappool i rules:
Like in EAP: q2dm1, q2dm3, q2rdm2, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3(q2duel8), q2duel5, ptrip in bo5 system and tl 15.
Players drops one map simultaneously – help of trusted person on irc will be needed, and the person is choosen by players.
Maps order is set by players.

In case of any disunity between players it is needed to display screens or demos from accident.

Here in this post I will cover and show whole process of challenges and games.

If above set of rules is unclear or imprecise – feel free to point this to help me fix it.

EDIT: Under english version of EAP rules on EDL site a disscusion takes place about possibilities of forming the PLD-Team and other rules. I invite everyone interested to take part.